2Handy Products with the 2EZ™ bags; 3 large capacity re-usable shoppers, contained in a pocket with trolley token, that require no folding when reinserting after use. Also launching is the Scrubrite™ cleaner, which is a high quality Scourer designed for both able-bodied and persons with low dexterity.

2Handy Products is the brainchild of serial inventor, Stephen Okusaga, whose first company came to recognition in the first series of “Dragon’s Den.” Striking a deal with Dragons, Peter Jones and Duncan Bannatyne, for ‘The World’s 1st Multimedia Umbrella Vending Machine’ called Umbrolly. Stephen has been inventing since he was 17 years old. He has numerous patents and has worked in product innovation at Disney and other world renowned brands.

Stephen invented the cleaner after he noticed that his mother, who suffers from arthritis was finding it difficult to do the washing up with low dexterity. He began searching for a solution by playing around with other scrubbers and then whilst watching a Ultimate Fighting Championship fight he realised that if he made the scourer like a mitt, it would be easier to grip and have better abrasion with less effort. A simple, but clever result!

The 2EZBags™ re-usable shopper was invented in response to the 2015 5p UK bag tax. Stephen started looking at how to make a long lasting shopper that was convenient to carry around daily. He broke down existing products and analysed how to improve on the concept and the outcome is 3 shoppers in 1 pouch, that can carry up to 11kgs with ease.