2Handy has become official UK distributor for the plastic free product brand

COFFREE™ – Is the new exciting sustainable brand which makes Plastic free catering items but made from coffee grounds and the like.
‘Making the world plastic free, one coffee bean at a time’

There are 3 distinct products to launch that are sold to the general public and B2B, to take into account the different requirements of the end user.

The first product is COFFREE™ Straw

The other is COFFREE™ Cutlery made up of 3-4 pieces of fork, knives and spoons, made from coffee

COFFREE™ lids which come in different OZ sizes depending on your preference.

There are also in the range cups and stirrers to come at a later date.

Also other plastic free items made of sugarcane etc that will be included gradually into our range offering.

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